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History of our Organization

How our organization came into being

Sun Cities Area Transit System, Inc. was formed in 1982, by a group of concerned citizens who saw the need for special transportation in the retirement community of Sun City, Arizona.  Starting with one vehicle that had been donated, the organization grew into a full service system providing paratransit services to our communities.
We are a 501(c)(3) organization and have been in continuous existance since 1982.  We are also a Valley of the Sun United Way partner.  Our support comes from members of the community, community organizatons and from the Valley Metro organization.
We are able to provide this needed service due to the generosity of members of the community, and especially the Lion's Foundation of Sun City, on whose campus we base our operations.

On this page we honor the memory of Dale R. Shockley, Civil Engineer, who for many years served as President of the organization. He was a pioneer in the area of alternative fuels.  Today, we are one of the larger fleets using CNG as a principal fuel as a result of his efforts.

We would welcome your continued support.  We hold two fund raising campaigns during the year.  However, the bulk of our support has come from bequests over the years.  Contact us for information on how to assist us into the future.